Franklin Offshore Europe BV was established in the Netherlands as a leading provider of steel wire ropes, anchors, anchor chains, rigging and mooring equipment as used in the offshore exploration, construction and marine ship building industry.

Our expertise includes the manufacture of heavy lift cable laid & Flemish-Lock® slings, crane load testing, certification and inspection services. Our rope spooling and installation crew is highly experienced and services provided include e mag rope inspection services. We also provide high quality integrated solutions in temporary and permanent mooring projects including the provision of comprehensive OIC services.

Franklin Offshore Europe forms part of the Franklin Offshore group of companies which are strategically located in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Qatar, the United States of America and the Netherlands. We have an experienced and dedicated workforce and a corporate culture that is solidly based on the principles of professionalism, innovation and service.

Franklin Offshore’s business can be conveniently divided into eight business modules.
These business modules are:

• Steel Wire Ropes
• Rigging & Mooring Equipment
• Flemish-Lock® and Cable Laid Slings
• Inspection and Load Testing
• Marine Consultancy
• Temporary and Permanent Mooring Installation
• Engineering and Fabrication
• Heavy Lift Marine Support Barges

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A tradition of service and innovation